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CSS Background Opacity

CSS Background Opacity

In this Tutorial we will learn how to change background opacity in CSS. Actually, there’s no CSS Property as background-opacity. But, we can set background opacity using CSS background property. Example: Last updated:Tuesday, June 28, 2016

JavaScript Regex Email Validation 1

JavaScript – Regex Email Validation

In the below code I’m using JavaScript regex Email Validation method with Modern Browsers DOM Email Verification Method. This code will first try to verify email by creating an email input DOM(For Modern Browsers) and if it fails, then it will user Regex Email Validation

Delete file using php

PHP unlink() – Remove or Delete File using PHP

If you want to delete a file using PHP, then call the PHP unlink() function. This function will delete the file from the server. If you unlink a file, you’re actually causing the system to delete the file. For Example, let’s say we want to