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Simple PHP Hit Counter

Today we are going to Create a PHP Hit Counter. This will be a very simple PHP Script to count Visits on a Page. This PHP Script is of very few lines. What It does is, reads a file called hit-counter.txt to get Visitor Hits,

jQuery Textarea Autogrow Plugin

jQuery Autogrow Textarea Plugin

Automatically adjust textarea height and width based on user input. Features Grows vertically, horizontally or both Correctly handles 2 or more spaces Copies more css and font styles to shadow div Correctly handles long words on one line Flickering can be disabled on Enter Doesn’t

jQuery FlowChart Plugin

jQuery FlowChart Plugin

jquery.flowchart.js is an open source jquery ui plugin that allows you to draw and edit a flow chart. Here are the main functionalities provided so far: Draw boxes (called operators) and connections between them. Methods are provided so that the end-user can edit the flow


Finance.js – Common Finance and Currency JavaScript Methods

Finance.js provides basic finance javascript methods. This library provides basic finance methods to compute finance amortization schedules, payment amounts, number and currency formatting. Methods are provided to obtain the payment, interest rate, amount financed, or months financed given 3 of any of the 4. Last