The Definitive Guide to DateTime Manipulation

In that article, Punit is going to help you think clearly about date and time fields and suggest some best practices that can help you avoid date time hell. There you will explore some of the key concepts that are necessary for manipulating date and


Convert Hex to RGB in PHP

We are going to convert Hex to RGB in PHP. We will create a function named hex2rgb that will convert the Hex to RGB or RGBa Values.   Now, When you Call the hex2rgb function passing the Hex Value, it will return an array containing RGB value.

Palindrome Number

C Program to Check Palindrome Number

A String or Number is Palindrome if the reverse of the number/String is same as original, e.g 121, madam. We are going to create a simple program to check if a given Number is Palindrome or not in C Language. Output will be: Logic So,