4 Fonts That Facebook Uses in Logo and Text

Sometimes we need to have some brands assets to use in our projects.In this article I will share the fonts and colors that facebook uses in it’s Logo and Text.You can Download these Free Facebook fonts and use it in your Project.

Facebook Fonts

  1. Lucida Grande – Facebook uses this font for it’s Mac Users.
  2. Lucida Tahoma – Facebook favours to use this for for it’s PC Users.
  3. Helvetica Neue – This Font is used by Facebook for it’s iOS Users.
  4. Roboto – Facebook uses this font for it’s  Android Users.

All the Above fonts are used in Facebook text for its Mac/PC/iOS/Android users.

The typeface used in Facebook f font is sampling of Klavika.

Wants to the Story Behind the Facebook f Font Logo? Read This Article.

Colors Used by Facebook

Facebook Mainly uses blue color that has a hex value #3b5998 and RGB values (59, 89, 152).

You can get the full palette used by Facebook here.

Wants more Information on Facebook Branding? Visit Facebook Brand Resources.

Hope I have answered your Question “What Font Facebook Uses?”.

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