Creating a Microsoft Windows Live Application

Microsoft Live Connect provides many API features.You can use info in Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft SkyDrive and in Microsft Live Oauth Connect.You can allow users to login/join in your website using microsoft Oauth connect.
In this tutorial i will tell how you can create a microsoft windows live application.Let’s Go.
Step 1:Go to
Step 2: Fill your App Details and click on the I Accept button
Fill your Microsoft App Details
Step 3:Now, Your Application has been created.So go to API Settings and Fill your API details.
Microsoft Application API Settings
If you wants to allow your Application for Mobiles then set the Mobile or desktop client app: to Yes and then click on the Save button.
Step 4: Now go to App Settings to get your Client Id and Client Secret and use it where you want.
Microsft Application API Keys

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  1. Manik says:

    Hi Kumar,

    It’s really easy to create a windows live application.

    Thanks buddy for the nice sharing.

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