Earn Money Online with Affiliate Networks : Ultimate Guide

In this article i will discuss about what is affiliate marketing,how you can make money online through affiliate marketing and can you really make money online through Affiliate Maketing?.
Before i start, i would like to make one thing clear:

Note: I don’t believe in easy money and there are no magical tips in this article which will help you to rich overnight.So if you are of easy money,then this article is not for you.
This article mainly covers the following topics:

  1. What is affiliate marketing and different types of Affiliate Maketing
  2. Advantages of being an Affiliate Marketer
  3. Can you really make money online through Affiliate Marketing?

So, Can you really make money from affiliate programs? Well Yes and also No; there is money in affiliate marketing but if YOU can make money from it or not depends on a lot of other factors such as your commitment, experience, site traffic etc.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.Wikipedia
Affiliate marketing is a great place to generate income without having your own product.Basically, you as a publisher will be rewarded when you help a business by promoting their products or services.
For Example: You sign up to BlueHost Affiliate Program and promote its product ,then you will get a commission when a visitor send by your website traffic made a purchase.
Affiliate marketing is quickest and cheapest (not easiest) way to earn money without have your own product.

How Affiliate Marketing Works?

When you join an Affiliate Program,you choose a product which you can promote, the seller gives you a unique code through which he(Affiliate Software) tracks the sells.Affiliate Marketing is not only selling products.

When i started Affiliate marketing, i had choosen CJ(Commission Junction) and tried to sell products but failed because i couldn’t get traffic to convert.
Then i had choosen CPA Networks.

What is CPA Network?

Cost Per Action or CPA (sometimes known as Pay Per Action or PPA; also Cost Per Conversion) is an online advertising pricing model, where the advertiser pays for each specified action – for example, an impression, click, form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.), double opt-in or sale.Wikipedia

CPA stand for Cost Per Action.CPA is very easy because you earn when someone clicks on your affiliate link or complete the action.
Action can be anything,but generally consists of:

  • Filling out a form
  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up for a free trial
  • Buying something

Why Should i choose CPA?

How Affiliate Marketing Works
There are mainly two reason for choosing CPA:

1.Higher the Payout

You will get higher payout than Google Adsense/Chitika like Ad Network.
Like: if google adsense paying you $0.15 for a click,you will get $1.02 with an CPA Network.
Keep in mind that physical products have 2-10x more hands in the pot (distributors, warehouses, suppliers etc.). That’s why Amazon Associates only make $100 when someone buys a $2500 laptop.

Integrated Advertising

The other nice thing about CPA is that you can easily integrate it in your site without effecting look of your site.You can choose offers which suite your website and it will increase the conversion of your traffic into income.

How to start with CPA Networks?

Before starting with CPA Network, lets know some commonly used terms:

  1. Publisher: The person who promotes the offer
  2. Advertiser: The person who pay you for promoting their offers
  3. _____ Only:You can only use a certain traffic source.
  4. Display:This include text link and banner ads.
  5. Lead: The most common word used in the CPA Marketing world.Usually Submitting Name,Email,Phone and address.
  6. Converts on: You will earn a revenue when the user completes the Traffic.Like offer converts on Email Submit.It means that You will earn a revenue when user submit his email address.
  7. Email/Zip Submit: The most simple CPA offer.Offer converts on Email/Zip submit.
  8. Incent:Short for “incentivized”. Incent means that you can bribe users with a free product or download.(For Example: Lets say, i am providing you tutorial and say you to complete an offer and i will give you the downloading link of that tutorial.Its means that i am offering something for completing an offer.)
  9. PPC: PPC stand for Pay per Click.Offer converts on each visit of offer.
  10. Download/Install: It means that offer convert when user download/install the offer.
  11. Pixel Fires: This is when your lead actually counts as a lead.
  12. US/UK/CA: Offer only valid in that country.Offer is Geographically restricted
  13. AM: AM stand for Affiliate Manager. Your AM is your go-to person in the network
  14. Sale or Rev Share: You get a cut of every sale.

There are few steps before choosing a cpa network.

Choose an Offer

First of all find an offer which suite your website and the niche.
Go to OfferVault or ODigger.
They are like Google of CPA Offers.Go to them and search for a offer related to your niche.
Search for an offer
And select the offer.
List of offers
Choose the offer according to your niche and select the CPA Network Like Peerfly.

Choose an Affiliate Network

Choose the right network for your website.Right network means the network which have offers for your niche and have a good payout.You can search for that CPA network in Google/OfferVault/ODigger/AffPaying/MyCodingTricks.

Note: If you are choosing us for joining a network we will provide you a personal support.We will support you as much as we can.
Now lets go to our last question.

Can we Make money Online through Affiliate Marketing?

I had already discussed above that we can earn money through affiliate marketing.
Here is an proof.


Now finally, i can say that you can earn money online with Affiliate Network.If you wants our support then go to http://mycodingtricks.com/affreview/ and choose the right network and join the network through our referral link.And we will support you as much as we can.

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