How to Create LinkedIn App and Get API Key

In order to use LinkedIn for your website,you need to create an LinkedIn App.In this tutorial you will learn step by step about how to create LinkedIn App and Get API Key.

Step 1: Go to LinkedIn Developer Network Page i.e and Click on the Add New Application Button.
LinkedIn Developer Network
Step 2 : Fill up the groups Company Info, Application Info and Contact Info the following way:

FieldHow To Fill
CompanySelect an existing company or create your own one (you can use your website name as a company name).
Application NameThe best name is your website name.

Explain what your app does, e.g:
This application asks your credentials in order to unlock the content. Please read the Terms of Use to know how these credentials will be used.

Website URL Paste your website URL:
Application Use Select “Other” from the list.
Application Developers Make sure that the checkbox “Include yourself as a developer for this application” is marked.
Live Status Select “Live”.
Developer Contact Email Enter your email to receive updates regarding your app.
Phone Enter your phone. It will not be visible.
Agreement Language: Select the display language of the user agreement screen.Choose Browser Locale Setting

Check out the image below to make sure that you filled the fields correctly:

LinkedIn Developer Network Company Info

LinkedIn Developer Network Application Info

LinkedIn Developer Network Contat Info and OAuth User Agreement

Step 3: And finally in the field JavaScript API Domains specify your website URL (e.g and Agree to the LinkedIn Terms then Click on the Add Application Button.

LinkedIn Developer Network Add Application

If You filled the Formed Correctly Your App will be created.

Getting LinkedIn App API Key

After Creating the App you will be redirected to this page.

LinkedIn Developer Network API Key


LinkedIn App is very useful in LinkedIn Sign-In for websites.It can also be used with LinkedIn Buttons.

So How are you Going to Use your LinkedIn API?

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