Top 23 Most Interesting, Funny and Weird Websites That will Freak Your Mind

Guys, Today I have brought to you 25 Most Interesting, Funny and Weird Websites that will freak your mind. You will even start thinking that why these websites exits, but at the end you will enjoy them.

So, Are you in stress, tensed, or in kind of any problem or want something to fresh your mind, then this post is for you.These Top 25 Interesting, Funny, Strange and Weird Websites will surely fresh your mind.

Some of them have valuable information about many thing, coated with humor and entertainment, some of these weird websites will make you laugh insanely, and some might even cause you to question your sanity.

Believe me, these weird websites are worth visiting once.Here are the Top 25 Most Weirdest and Interesting Websites that will freak your mind. You Should Bookmark these weird websites. 🙂 – A Clever Bot

CleverBot - Very Interesting WebsiteThis one is my Favourite. The above Picture Shows conversation between Me and Cleverbot.

Just Start chatting with the application and you will be amazed with the answers.

Coversation between me and Cleverbot

Source: Wikipedia

2.Lightsaber Escape  By Google

LightsaberLIGHTSABER ESCAPE is a Star Wars Game by Google. This is a Chrome Experiment.

Requirements to Play LIGHTSABER ESCAPE:

You need:

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Smartphone
  3. Internet Connection

Below is the video I found over Youtube of Lightsaber Escae.

3. Press The Spacebar

Press the SpaceBarHow many times can you Press the Spacebar in 5,10 or 15 Seconds? 

My Highest Score is 36 in 5 Seconds.

What’s Yours? 

Don’t know?

Then this Game is for you.

Press the Spacebar Highest Score

4. Eel Slap!

eelSlap - Interesting WebsiteAre you Angry? Feeling Frustrated? Want to Slap some one?


Then this website is for you.

5. I Look Like Barack Obama

I look like Barack Obama

If you can’t see the mysterious similarity between the First American Black President in History and the Crazy White dude, who owns the website, then there is something wrong with your eyes, according to him(site owner).

I don’t know that this white dude is serious or just having fun, but many people said to him that he looks like President Barack Obama.

I think this is one of the most weird websites I found over internet.

6. Pointer Pointer

Pointer PointerMove your Cursor(Pointer) anywhere on the Screen and this website will show you an image pointing a finger at your cursor once your cursor is still.

Move your cursor, and then stop(make your cursor still) and it will show you a different image pointing finger at the cursor.

Well, this site is good for time pass.

7.Do Not Click Here

Do not click here
Want to drive somebody crazy? Link them to this weird website!

I will not reveal the secret to as it may ruin the fun.


ProcatinatorThe funkiest place on the web for cat loving music fans. I will not say anything else.

9.Falling Falling

Falling FallingGot Confused from the Above image and name? Check this weird website.



Have a bad day? Then this is the perfect website to visit.

If you’re in Office ,then put your earphone in you ear to visit this website, otherwise your boss will make your day even more worse.


OMFGDOGSLittle dogs like you’ve never even seen them before. Help keep the dogs running!

12.The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place

Want to Chill out? Visit this interesting website and press the spacebar and see what happens.

13.Nicest Place on the Internet

The Nicest Place on the Inernet

Feeling sad or low? Want some love?

Take a break for a second and visit the Nicest Place on the Internet.

A website with the soul purpose of cheering you up with music and hugs from the people who care for you.


TexterThe place where writing and drawing party together. Draw with Letters.

15. Zoomquilt

ZoomquiltZoomQuilt is a endless infinite zoom illusion created with flash. This is one of best Illusion I have ever seen online or I should the best art found over the internet.

16. Ana Somnia

Ana Somnia

Turn Off the lights and lay back to enjoy. This is one of the very Interesting website I have ever come across.


MapCrunchAn Ultimate Random Street view site for Travellers.



I think my words will be insufficient to describe this website.

19.Blue Ball Machine

Blue Ball MachineJust sit back enjoy this weird website.

20.Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood

Rain makes everything better.

21. SnapBubbles

Snap Bubbles

Have you ever received a gift that came with bubble wrap and it was better than the gift itself?

Now you can snap them all day long!

Enjoy, as you pop virtual bubbles. Snap Away!

22. Staggering Beauty

Staggering Beauty

I will not say anything about this weird website. I will just say one thing, Move your cursor.

Want to know more about it?

Read it at Mashable: Staggering Beauty: Don’t Look at This Site if You’re Prone to Seizures

23. He-Man Sings

He-Man Sings “What's Up”

The epicenter of the known internet.

Which website you found interesting?

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