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    Shubham Kumar

    Today I was publishing my Youtube Video and I was adding long tail keyword tags and When I clicked on the save button it was Showing an Error : You’re changes cannot be saved your tags are too long?

    But later I found the solution so I though to create this Topic.

    So the Total Characters limit for Youtube Tags are 500.

    I have used Character Counter tool to count characters of my Youtube Video.

    What do you think of this Youtube Tag limit?

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    I just tried to publish a video, and the tags totaled 492 characters, and I got the same error, so 500 is more than the limit. FYI…

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    सेहतमंद स्वास्थ्य के फिटनेस टिप्स

    Well till now I thought that long trailing keywords should be avoided and short keywords should be placed in Tags section of YouTube.

    Thanks a lots 🙂 You just opened my eyes !!!


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