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I’m Shubham, 12 pass out Student(cleared JEE Mains) from India.

How I’m Helping You?

This Question may be raising in your mind that How I’m helping you?

I write every tutorial that I think can help you or either because someone like you requested.

I have created many premium plugins but shared for free.

I have tried all my best to help you and all.

Don’t you have Money, Shubham?

I’ve already said above that I’m just a 12th pass out student who cleared recently JEE Mains (India’s toughest exam for Engineering) in April 2016, and I’m really telling you that I don’t have money otherwise i have never asked for it.

I’m not earning that much of money from google adsense that even I can pay for the hosting.

I need money to pay the internet bills and my other expenses.

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