Colorpanel – jQuery Plugin to Switch CSS Stylesheet Skin Theme

Colorpanel is a simple jQuery plugin to switch css stylesheet skin theme on your template demo


Include plugin Stylesheet on your head

 <link href="dist/jquery.colorpanel.css" rel="stylesheet">

Include skin Stylesheet on your head with id

<link href="skins/default.css" id="cpswitch" rel="stylesheet">

Add panel html code within your body tag

If you want to have transition effect on change of stylesheet have the panel code out of your animate container div : ie #wrapper

  <div id="colorPanel" class="colorPanel">
        <a id="cpToggle" href="#"></a>

Include script on your footer below jQuery

 <script src="dist/jquery.colorpanel.js"></script>

call the plugin code on your document ready event

            styleSheet: '#cpswitch'
            , animateContainer: '#wrapper'
            , colors: {
                '#4B77BE': 'skins/default.css'
                , '#16a085': 'skins/seagreen.css'

            , }


            styleSheet: '#cpswitch'
            , colors: {
                '#1abc9c': 'skins/default.css'
                , '#2980b9': 'skins/blue.css'
                , '#c0392b': 'skins/red.css'
            , }
            , linkClass: 'linka'
            , animateContainer: false

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