Medea JSON manager – jQuery Plugin to Convert JSON Objects to HTML Forms

Medea JSON manager is a jQuery plugin that converts JS & JSON objects to HTML forms and back again.

Medea loves JSON. Give Medea a JSON object, even one with nested objects, and it will be converted into an HTML form. The form allows fields in the object to be edited, or deleted, or for new ones to be created. The modified object is returned via the submit event.


Make sure you have jQuery and Medea included in your app:

<script src="{path-to}/jquery/jquery-2.1.4.js"></script>
<script src="{path-to}/medea.js"></script>

Using Medea is a simple as:


Where jquery-selector is the identifier of a target container (e.g. div) on the page and object is the javascript or JSON object you wish to edit.

For example:

$("body").medea({hello: "world"});

The target element will emit a submit event when the form is submitted with the OK button.

$(jquery-selector).on("submit", function(updated-json-object) { 
    // do something with updated-json-object here ..

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