GTA Vice City Mouse Fix : Mouse not Working [Fixed]

Recently I was playing GTA Vice City but my mouse not working or I should say my mouse barely moves. Although it moves in menu but click doesn’t work.

I did tried some tricks like Coming to Menu and returning back to the Game but I had to do this several times and rarely my mouse moves.

I was getting irritated on the Mouse Problem, neither my mouse moves nor the click works in vice city.

In year 2011, I had installed GTA Vice City in Windows 98 and my mouse perfectly worked in GTA Vice City but recently when I installed it in Windows 8, my mouse doesn’t move. So I googled for this problem and I found a really simple solution for the GTA Vice City Mouse fix.

Recently I was playing Vice city on my Windows 8.

In this Tutorial I will show you how you can Fix your mouse in GTA Vice City.As you already know that GTA Vice City is also known as Grand Theft Auto : Vice City.

Follow the Below steps to Fix your Mouse Problem in GTA Vice City:

Step #1: Go to the GTA Vice City Game directory.

For Example I had installed GTA in my F Drive (F:\Vice City).

Step #2: Select gta-vc.exe file and press Right button of your Mouse.

Step #3: Go to Properties of gta-vc.exe file .

Step #4: Navigate to Compatibility tab from the properties.

gta-vc compatibility settings

Now Check the Run this Program in Compatibility mode for box and select Windows 98 from the Dropdown Menu.

Enjoy the Game.

Shubham Kumar

Hey, I am Shubham and i love Blogging, Coding and exploring new things and obviously sharing my experience with you.

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16 Responses

  1. Bakht Jamal says:

    Complatability mode windows 98 works with a little calibration difference for mouse and Problem exiting the game (it hangs on exit) you then have to force shut the app.

    • Bakht Jamal says:

      I am on windows 8.1. It was working fine when I first installed Windows 8.1 but after some updates lots of games started causing problem.

  2. tejas says:

    it not doing i have windows 8 but it is not working still mouse isnt working plseeeeeeeeeeeee tell me what to do

  3. Shamshul says:

    not working is in window 8.1

  4. Pankaj says:

    hii are you having mouse problem while playing gta san andreas in Windows 10 just follow the steps…….
    first go to control pannel
    and click on uninstall the program then click on elan device driver and uninstall it then restart your pc ………
    I hope your problem is solved

  5. shanjid says:

    worked but can’t find where the new saved files are

  6. Frank says:

    Does not work at all.

  7. Amit choudhary says:

    It worked but the previous saved game got formated

  8. ali says:

    it doesn’t work on windows 10

  9. Vivek says:

    Thanks Shubham. Its worked for me. 🙂

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