Full Facebook Site – 3 Easy Ways to Access Site Desktop Version on Mobile

Sometimes I need to access Full Facebook Site on my Android Mobile, to access Page Insights or something else.

When you Visit https://www.facebook.com (Desktop Version) on Your Android Mobile, it redirects you to https://m.facebook.com (Mobile Version).

How will Access Facebook Full Site on Your Mobile?

Here I’m Presenting you 3 Ways to Access Full Facebook Site on your Mobile.

Note: If You didn’t understand something from this Article, you can watch this Video Tutorial.

1. Access Full Facebook Site on Android Default Browser

If you’re using Android Default Browser to Access Facebook, then below are the simple ways to access Facebook Full Site on Android Default Browser.

Step #1: Open Android Default Browser.

Step #2: Click on the Option Button From the Three Icons on your Android Handset.



Step #3: Click on Request desktop site.


Step #4: Enter facebook.com in URL Bar.

Enter facebook-com in URL bar

That’s all. It Will Redirect you to Facebook Login full site not mobile. 


2. Access Full Site Version on UC Browser

Here’s the 2 Way to Access Full Site Desktop Version on Android UC Browser. Follow the Below steps to Access Full Facebook Site On UC Browser.

Step #1: Open UC Browser.

Step #2: Click on Menu Button>Settings Icon>Browsing Settings>Website Preferences>Others>Desktop.


Step #3: Open facebook.com and it will open full desktop version site.

3. Accessing Full Site on Android Chrome Browser

Here’s last method of accessing full website version on android mobile.

This method is same as 1st method.

But If you’re facing any problem, Then comment below.

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