What is HTML5?

Undoubtedly You have heard many times the term HTML5.Today i will share some information about HTML5. HTML5 is the latest HTML (Hyper Text Markup languageuage) standard.It is the 5th revision of the HTML standard.

What is new in HTML5?

The Document type Declaration became very simple.

 <!DOCTYPE html> 

Charset Encoding declaration also became very simple.

 <meta charset="UTF-8"> 

Here is an Example:-


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html language="en"> 
<title>Example - <MyCodingTricks/></title> 
<meta charset="UTF-8">
Your Content will be Here....

The Default Charset encoding in HTML5 is UTF-8
New HTML5 Elements

The most popular new elements are:-


And <video />,<svg  />.


The most Popular HTML5 Api’s are:

  1. HTML Geolocation
  2. HTML Drag and Drop
  3. HTML Local Storage
  4. HTML Application Cache
  5. HTML Web Workers
  6. HTML SSE (Server-Sent Events)
Elements Removed in HTML5
  1. <acronym>
  2. <applet>
  3. <basefont>
  4. <big>
  5. <center>
  6. <dir>
  7. <font>
  8. <frame>
  9. <frameset>
  10. <noframes>
  11. <strike>
  12. <tt>

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