Ajax Upload and Resize an Image with Progress bar Using JavaScript and PHP

Today we are going to Create an Ajax based Image Uploader with Progress bar using JavaScript and Resize the Image using PHP.

Ajax based Image Uploader means Image file will be uploaded using Ajax Request without refreshing the page and the Progress bar means that it will show that How much part of image is uploaded, Then with PHP we will Resize the Image according to our Need.

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I am using Bootstrap Progress bar, JavaScript XMLHttpRequest() and PHP move_uploaded_file() to Upload the File with Progress bar.

Creating the Upload Form + Progress Bar

First of all we need to create the Front-end i.e Creating the Upload Form and the Progress bar.

   <div class="progress" style="display:none;">
    <div class="progress-bar progress-bar-striped active" id="progressBar" role="progressbar" aria-valuemin="0" aria-valuemax="100" style="width: 0%;">
    <form enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" name="fileinfo" style="display:none">
     <input type="file" name="file" class="form-control" required />
     <input type="submit" value="Upload!" class="btn btn-primary"/>

You will notice that the Form is Hidden (i.e style="display:none").

Working with Ajax

Now,we have to work work with Ajax and JavaScript.

var form = document.forms.namedItem("fileinfo");  //Selecting the Form named "fileinfo"
form.style.display = "block";  //Displaying the Form

form.addEventListener('submit',function(ev) {
		// contruct use AJAX object
		var http = new XMLHttpRequest();

		var target_url = "upload.php";   //Upload Url
		var progressBar = $("#progressBar"); //Selecting the Progress bar

		http.open("POST", target_url, true);
		// setup progress events
		if (http.upload && http.upload.addEventListener) {
			http.upload.addEventListener( 'progress', progressBar, false );

		http.addEventListener("loadend", function(){
		}, false);

		// completion handler
		http.onload = function() {
			if (http.status == 200) {
                                progressBar.parent().after("<div class='thumbnail col-sm-6 col-md-4'><img src='"+http.responseText+"' alt='Loading...'/></div>");  //Displaying Image after uploading
    			} else {
      				progressBar.addClass("progress-danger").text("Error " + http.status + " occurred uploading your file.");
		// adding files data to form
		var formData = new FormData(document.forms.namedItem("fileinfo"));
		// send data to server

function progressBar(e){
				if (e.lengthComputable) {
					var progress = (e.loaded / e.total)*100;

Let me Exaplain the Above code.
When User will submit the Upload Form, a submit event will be fired which we will tracking with the form.addEventListener('submit',function(ev) { }); code.Now, we are showing the Progress bar while the File is uploading with the http.upload.addEventListener( 'progress', progressBar, false ); code.

Processing Image

I have already talked about How to Crop and Resize image using PHP.So, I will not Discuss about that too much.

[moptin id="3100"]
$dir = "uploads";
$max_file_size = 5; //File size in MB
$file = $_FILES['file'];
      echo "error.png"; //Show the Error image
    $tmp_name = $file['tmp_name'];
    $name = $file['name'];
    $fileurl = $dir."/".hash('sha256',$name).".png";
    // be aware of file / directory permissions on your server

    $upload = move_uploaded_file($tmp_name, $fileurl);  //Uploading the File

    //Your Image Resize / Crop Script Here

    echo $fileurl;

It’s a simple File Uploading Script.If you want to resize the the Image you can add this code after the PHP comment //Your Image Resize / Crop Script Here.

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10 Responses

  1. Kai says:

    Hey Shubham,
    i like your script, very simple and clean. Maybe you can help me to modify it.

    i have a php array with images, i would like to resize the images only, i have the resize.php
    and need to get the array into js and create a loop.

    i have given the form some parameters, max-width and format, but now i need to change the script.

    to prevent the server timeout i would like to resize every single image or maybe 5-10 at once.
    it would be beautiful if the progress bar goes with the loop and not a bar for each image.

    i thought about to put the images into the form, but this where many hidden fields with images,
    so i think the smarter way is to get the array on page load into a js var.

    but now i stuck… can you help me? 🙂

    • Hi Kai,

      You can do it like, create a function to upload the file from the array and then resize it and when the server returns the data back to the client, call the function again to do it. It’s like recursion.

      With each file getting completed, increase the progress bar.

      Hope it helps, if not then Share the code. I’ll try my best to help you.

      Best Regards,

  2. dori says:

    please send me a download link..thanks

  3. Yosep says:

    Please send me this download link..

    • Hi Yosep,

      I have send the downloading link on your email.

      Best Regards,

      • Anuj says:

        Hey ,
        i have query,regarding ajax and javascript,and please please help me with this,i am create a simple registration form in modalbox using div,the form in submit perfectly,but i really dont understand,how to integrate your code with my registration form for

        Registration form:->
        First Name:
        Last Name:
        Candidate Crop Image:
        Submit button

        please please if possible for you,create a form using ajax and javascript and submit the values in database,and one important thing,in both image and resume file must be going in folder after click on submit button..i have search this thing for so many places ,no help will find,can please help me out with this… please

  4. Michael says:

    send me a download link..thanks

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