PHP 5 Installation

In my previous article i have given a brief introduction of PHP and in this tutorial i will share about how to install PHP?.

What do i need?

To start using PHP,you need:

  1. Find a Web host which support PHP and MySQL (Personally i use GoDaddy)
  2. Install a web server on your Computer and then install PHP and MySQL (for database)

Use a Web Host with PHP and MySQL Support

Use a Web Hosting Service provider which support PHP and MySQL(because It will help you to manage Databases).If your Web Host support PHP,then you have simple create .php file and put them in some directory and the server will parse them for you.You do not need to install extra things.

Set Up PHP on Your Computer

Download the PHP from PHP official website.
Helpful Links:

  3. (To get PHP up and running immediately for Windows,You can Download it)

If you need any help or have any recommendation for us then please comment and do not forget to share.

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