My Website Traffic Got Boosted By 20%, While I was Busy in Exams

While I was busy in preparation of my Engineering Entrance Exams (JEE Mains + Advance, VITEE, SRMJEEUPSEE), my site traffic got boosted by 20% and Increased site ranking.

But, Before discussing about what helped me to boost my site traffic to 20% and increase in ranking of my articles, I would like to discuss about why I was not persistent on writing article since few months.

Not Persistent, Since Few Months

I was not persistent on writing new article since few months, as I was busy in my Engineering Exams.I was preparing from last 2 Years for IIT JEE.

IIT JEE is india’s toughest Engineering Entrance Exam.

So this exam was Important for me. On April 14, 2016, I had taken the JEE Mains Exam and I have cleared the Exam.

After that I had to give JEE Advance Exam (which I have given today 22nd May, 2016) and I have to register for this Exam and last date for Registration was 5th May but my category certificate was not prepared.

So I was little bit confused that My Registration will be cancelled and then I tweeted to Smiriti Irani, and HRD Ministry about my problem, but I haven’t got any reply from them.

Then, I had to do some Temporary Jugaad (Something that only Indian’s do 😉 ) and I did it after a lot of hard work and I have to suffer from Sunburn. Since my document are not Real, so I got a last date from JEE Advance to submit my documents i.e 20 May, 2016.

But I got so busy in creating this micro niche site( AbeChutiye ), that I forget that I have give an Exam for which I was preparing from last 2 years, and my father got so angry that he is not going to do anything for my documents, and he was serious about that.

Then,  I have think again about it that I’m going to take the exam or not and I stopped revising for my exam, but on the last day of submitting the certificate, my dad got my certificates. 

And the Funny Part is that I have revised(whatever I can) in 2 days that I was preparing for last 2 Years.

But Today, I successfully given the Exam.

My Site Traffic Got Boosted by 20%

Site Traffic Increased by 20%

Above graph shows the Increase in my site traffic and in the below Image you can see the increase in traffic from Google.

Search Engine Traffic Increased

How my Site Traffic got Increased

Okay, so here’s my Content Writing tips (what I’ve learnt from Google Search Quality Valuator Guideline) that I’m using to boost my traffic and would like to share it with you.

These are the basing things that helped me to boost my traffic. (I’m simply following the Yoast SEO content writing Tips).

Yoast SEO Content Analysis

Yoast SEO Content Analysis

  1. Target Keyword in First ParagraphYou’ll notice in my articles/ jQuery Plugins List or WordPress Templates that, I’ve added the target keyword in the first paragraph. This had really worked like a charm.
  2. Images with alt Tags containing Targeted keywordsYes, this works. You have to add an appealing image with alt tag containing targeted keyword in your content.
  3. Adding Videos in ArticlesYou’ll notice that I’m adding videos that complement the Article. It helps in user engagement and increase in Organic Traffic.
  4. Keywords in Title TagThe title tag is second Important thing of an article. This sends an Important On-Page SEO singal.

    Let me share my case study with you.

    Few months back I have released a jQuery Social Content Locker Plugin, but I have named the plugin jQuery Social Content UnLocker Plugin and my article was not ranking for my targeted keyword.

    I can’t change the URL of the article as I had already built do-follow backlinks with that url (, so I have only option is to modify the Title.

    Boost in Content Ranking
    You can clearly see a boost in position of 5.7 by simply modifying the Title tag and Adding Targeted Keyword in First Paragraph of Content

  5. Keywords in Heading (H1+H2+H3) TagsHeading tags sends another relevancy signal in Content Ranking. Here’s a correlation study on heading tags.
  6. Keyword DensityIt’s not very important factor, but still Google count it as ranking factor.But, don’t over-use it, it may hurt your SEO.
  7. Long Tail KeywordsI’m using Google Keyword Planner to find Long Tail Keywords and Ahrefs to find Competitive Keywords for which my Competitor is ranking.

    I’m not going to describe how to find long tail keywords as I have already talked about it in my Long Tail Pro Review.

  8. Image and Page Speed OptimizationI’m using Jetpack Photon Plugin to load my images from WordPress CDN. You can compress content using GZip Compression to Increase your Page Speed.

    GZip Compressed

  9. Keep your Post Up to DateGoogle Caffeine update favors recently updated content, especially for content that get outdated.

    Up to date post

  10. No-Follow Backlinks are Working for Me
    I know that it may sound weird, or not true, But Yes, No-follow Backlinks are working for me and I don’t know why.

    My content rank get boosted by getting a No-follow link.

    Note: Nofollow links from high domain authority sites are working for me. Like Stackoverflow.
  11. Outbound Links
    This is one of the most important part in content ranking (According to my experience). So Don’t forget to add Quality Outbound Links.


This is my first post about my experience and I believe that you liked it (that’s why you are reading till here 😉 ).

What’s happening with your Site? Is your Site Traffic also got Boosted?

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