Top 7 Best WordPress Backup Plugins Compared (Free and Premium)

Wants your WordPress Website/Blog safe? Then you must need to know about these WordPress Backup Plugins.Enduring your website is safe is one of the Biggest challenge for a webmaster. Creating a backup for your website is one of the best thing you can do for your website.We may face problems like Data lost, Hack, Server error or even irreversible problem. No one can take guarantee of keeping your website safe, but we (you and me) can do a favour for our website i.e Backup it.

There are countless WordPress Backup plugins available that make keeping a copy of your website easy.That’s what I am going to talk about in this article.

Many Hosting providers offers limited Backup Services,but please remember that it’s your responsibility to backup your website.So in this post i will talk about handpicked plugins that make backing up your site simple and the simple story about it that “Install it, Forget it”.

BackupBuddy (Premium)

BackupBuddy BackupBuddy is a backup plugin made by iThemes that offers a very comprehensive plugin for WordPress site owners.You can backup and restore your data.You can move a site to another server or domain directly from your dashboard using BackupBuddy.It offers variety of ways to save your data such as Stash, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Rackspace cloud, FTP, Email.

It is a premium plugin,however, you need to open your wallet.Here are the pricing plans:
BackupBuddy Pricing Plan
Check BackupBuddy

VaultPress (Premium)

VaultPress VaultPress was developed by the folks behind WordPress–Automattic.

VaultPress is a Subscription based services with different plans. It provided real time cloud backup solutions starts at $5/month.You can set it up to perform automatic Backups of your site Each Day.

VaultPress also offers Security scans with their some of packages.

Check VaultPress

UpdraftPlus (Free + Premium)

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration UpdraftPlus is another good option for WordPress Backup plugin.It is available as Free and Premium.You also get a year of support and a year of updates. You can expect to pay between $60 and $125 for UpdraftPlus Premium.
It allows you to create complete backup of your wordpress website and store it on cloud or Download it on your Computer.The plugin allows you to create scheduled backups and store them to your chosen location.
Check UpdraftPlus

BackUpWordPress (Free + Premium)

BackUpWordPress BackUpWordPress is another very popular plugin which is easy to setup and use. It automatically Backup your WordPress site on the Scheduled date/time.

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BackUpBuddy gives you option for cloud storage.You can Save your data on Dropbox,Google Drive.You need to purchase its extension to Use the Cloud Services.However, you can save your data on Your Hard Drive or Email.
Check BackUpWordPress

BackWPup(Free + Premium)

BackWPup Free - WordPress Backup Plugin BackWPup is a free plugin, which makes it pretty straightforward to Backup your WordPress site without having to pay a single penny.
You can Store your Backup on Cloud services like DropBox, Amazon S3, RackSpace cloud, SugarSync, Amazon Glacier, Google Drive.You can also send your backups on your email.

However, there is also a Pro Version BackWPup Pro.
Check BackWPup


WP-DB-Backup - On-demand backup of your WordPress database. WP-DB-Backup is a free WordPress Database Backup plugin.If you do not want to Backup your WordPress files,It is a pretty good option for you.It has been downloaded over 500,000+ times.

Its a pretty good option for those who don’t update their website regularly or don’t use images in their WordPress post.

You can schedule database backups, restore from backups, and it even offers a way to perform a manual database backup just in case you can’t log into phpMyAdmin.

Check WP-DB-Backup


Duplicator - Duplicate, clone, backup, move and transfer an entire site from one location to another. Duplicator is a site migration plugin.It also work as a Backup solution.The Duplicator gives WordPress administrators the ability to migrate, copy or clone a site from one location to another.

It’s not as straightforward as other plugin i have mentioned here.It requires some technical knowledge.

Duplicator Offers the most basic backup solution and you can’t schedule automatic backups in advance,which is the real con ( drawback ) in my opinion.Still, if you want to migrate your website it will serve as dual purpose solution.

Check Duplicator

WordPress Backup Rules to Follow

No matter what solution you follow to backup your site,there are few rules which you must follow without any if’s,ands,buts!

  • Always backup your database before Installing a new Upgrade.
  • Keep at least three Backups at three different places like DVD,Hard Drive and cloud.
  • Only backup those plugin which value your site because it can only enlarge the backup size.
  • Perform a manual backup on occasion.


Backing up your data is very important.Backing up all your data is very important.I mean to say that Backing up your Email,Website,Hard Disk, important files, etc. Hopefully, You are already doing all that.

How do you Backup your Website?Which plugin you are going to Use or using? Something Else?I would love to hear your thoughts.

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