ytSubscribe – Youtube Subscribe Button WordPress Plugin

In this Tutorial, we will create a WordPress Plugin for ytSubscribe – Youtube Subscribe Button jQuery Plugin.

I’ve got a Tutorial Request from Nitesh that how to add ytSubscribe in WordPress and if possible create a WordPress Plugin.


[/tweet] So what you have to do is to follow the below steps to create the ytSubscribe WordPress Plugin.

Step #1: Download the Above File.

Step #2: Upload the Plugin.


Step #3: Click on ytSubscribe Menu from Left side in Admin Menu Panel.
ytSubscribe From Left Menu

[moptin id="3098"]

Step #4: Update the Options.


Replace MyCodingTricks with your Youtube Channel Id and other options as mentioned in the official ytSubscribe Documentation.

Note: Watch the below video to know How to Find your YouTube Channel Id.

That’s all.

Shubham Kumar

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27 Responses

  1. Abdu says:

    Check my attachment Green Square is video playing are after install you plugin the videos showing like this .. it compressed
    Give me quick replay… thank you. help me

  2. I tried but it show error, Please I need it to work. This is my YouTube ID: UCVQyfkAaLEV_Oxopvm5N64g

    • It’s working from my end Henry. Please check the browser console log and let me know the error.

      • Henry says:

        I test with old YouTube count with “User” in URL and it´s works… I think that the problem is with new url type “”.

        How is it working from you? I am going crazy testing… thank you very much friend.

        I Put in settings “SomosPlayStation” “somosplaystation” “Somosplaystation” and nothing… don’t work :(.

  3. shaibaz says:


    Sir, I uploaded ytSubscribe plugin on my site, fetched the channel id from youtube, it shows, ERROR!!
    Please help…
    Please find the attached screengrab .

  4. Swantje says:


    I tried your great Plugin, but it doesn’t work in my case, although I did everything explained in your video. I also tried with .single-conent or -post-single-content.
    The subscribe text can be seen, when I use “body”, but after that it says: “MISTAKE”.

    What can I do?

    Example for activated Plugin:


    PS: Is it because my Channel has a /c/ in between and SwantjeGebauer ???

    • Hi Swantje,

      Glad, you find this plugin great.

      Just checked your website and it’s no where saying ‘Mistake’.

      Coming to the subscribe button, its not working. But, it’s not plugin fault because checked the official YouTube subscribe button generator and it was also showing error over there.

      Use your channel id(I.e. UCWMewoOjnr5gcETdb8iLllQ), instead name because it’s working.

      Best Regards,

      P.S – Support our work by donating few bucks.

  5. Hi Shubham,
    Great sharing. This will help to get more YouTube Subscribers.

  6. Hesh says:

    Hello, I use the VooPlayer embed code and wish to use this plugin but it doesn’t work.
    What jQuery DOM Selector should I choose, maybe thats my problem.


  7. Nitesh says:

    Hello Shivam ! This plugin is working great right now but there is some minor modifications that I want you to look at. Currently The Subscribe button appears on the “BOTTOM LEFT” side of the Video and the text “SUBSCRIBE US” have “margin-bottom: 0” with YouTube Subscribe button, means it not vertically in middle(centre) with “RED YOUTUBE ICON”.
    The comparison screenshot attached here to see how it looks right now and how I want it to look. Kindly update me with required modification like what part of code should we replace or add in the current plugin? I have also asked you about How can I make it work with plugins like “Lazy Load Videos ” which works directly with yutube link without embed codes. Kindly let me know if you have any solution for that too.

    Thank you.

  8. Yeh! It’s working now. Thank you very much Shubham 🙂 You made my day.

  9. Nitesh says:

    Thank you very much for taking time and creating this WordPress 🙂
    Unfortunately it doesn’t seem working for me write now. I have also mailed you about this issue in detail. Kindly try to fix it or tell me if I am doing something worng.

    thank you.

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